Ready for purchase?

Check out the instructions for purchase below, as well as additional licensing terms and other important details.
How to purchase CodecWorks 990
1. Click "Buy CodecWorks 990" button, this will take you to "Checkout" page in MyCommerce payment service.
2. Fill in your Personal information, chose the method of payment and click the "next" button. Enter credit or debit card details, click the "Next" button. Please read all information carefully and check to see that the information you entered is correct and click "Buy now" button.
3. As soon as verification is complete successfully a new page will open with your order's number and a link for a software download. The order number and the link will be sent to your e-mail provided as well.
4. Download an archive containing the information on how to get the licensed version of software and the application to identify your Hardware ID. Run CW990_KEY.exe. Please note, that you need to run the application only the computer or server you are intending to use the product on.
5. In 10 second the application will generate a file with a Hardware ID. Please e-mail this file to Please state "Purchase of Elecard CodecWorks 990" for the subject, and your order number in the main body of e-mail.
6. Within 2 business days you'll get an e-mail with the license registered personally to your or your company name based on your Hardware ID.
7. Download and install the licensed version of CodecWorks 990. If the demo version was installed on the machine previously, the licensed version will replace it, saving encoding configurations.
8. Now a full functionality version of CodecWorks 990 is ready to use.
Licensing terms
  • Each software license is for a single Windows OS instance running on a single IntelĀ® CPU;

  • A license is activated with the specific ID tied to your hardware. Hardware changing might be at separate cost, please contact us for the details;

  • Software delivery is via downloadable link within two (2) business days after payment and Hardware ID information receipt. The software works only on the machine with the corresponding Hardware ID.
Pricing details
  • Price includes a 1-year warranty (bug fixing and patches), software updates and upgrades and Basic technical support;
  • Further technical support, either Professional or Dedicated, should be paid separately;
  • Warranty extension for the second and further is a separate charge;
  • Price includes MPEG-LA and VIA Licensing royalties.
Download CodecWorks 990 documentation