Elecard CodecWorks 990

Professional live AVC/HEVC multiscreen transcoder.
Designed to deliver the perfect blend of performance and picture quality, it uses latest Intel processors for ultra-fast transcoding up to 4K and enables adaptive bitrate streaming for OTT services.
Meet CodecWorks 990, a highly reliable IP to IP software transcoder driving maximum efficiency from a range of recommended and thoroughly tested platforms. It is intuitively easy to set up and use, and enables an unlimited number of streams per CPU for projects of any scale and complexity.
OTT & Multiscreen Video
Enabling efficient and smooth delivery of live media content via Internet with the playback at a wide range of receiving devices with the best possible quality.
Point-To-Point Video Delivery
Providing robust delivery of TV channels or other content over IP networks not depending on geographical location at any city or country with optimum compression and further conversion.
Hospitality & Corporate TV
Providing high-performance real-time encoding of live media content with further distribution and playback via existing network system at hotels, resorts, companies, government institutions and others.
Phenomenal performance
First-rate power of the latest generation Intel® CPUs makes it possible to achieve one HEVC 4K 60p or 6 HEVC HD / 10 AVC HD streams on a single CPU.
HEVC, Multiscreen and 4K
Support of all popular and in-demand features including multi-bitrate / multiscreen transcoding for smooth OTT delivery of HEVC video with up to 4K resolution.
Based on Elecard in-house developed video codecs combined with the recommended, tested and proven redundant hardware, CodecWorks 990 gives no chance for an unexpected failure.
Recommended hardware
Save time on hardware selection! Have a look at our favorite configurations - a choice of tested hardware models which proved to show their best at projects with different scale and requirements.
Easiness of operation
CodecWorks 990 is documented in details and is easy to set up. It comes with a choice of popular pre-defined transcoding presets and supports centralized control over all encoding servers.
Technical support
Ongoing enhancements and timely expert assistance makes your work easy.
  • Remarkable performance: up to 6 HEVC HD1080 or 10 AVC HD1080 streams per CPU
  • Software updates and possible hardware upgrades for enhanced performance and more features
  • Pre-configurated transcoding presets for easy setup
  • Adaptive streaming over HLS/MPEG-DASH protocols or traditional UDP/RTP
  • Support of essential video pre-processing options
  • A choice of recommended hardware options with specified performance
  • Centralized control over all encoding servers using GUI app
  • Automatic restart of transcoding if a failure occurs
Looking for more features? They might be already in the roadmap! Contact our engineers and tell about your feature requests at tsup@elecard.com.
Each software license is for a single Windows OS instance running on a single Intel® CPU. The number of input/output streams, video/audio codecs and picture resolution are unrestricted within supported functionality and are limited only by hardware performance capabilities.

How the license is delivered?
CodecWorks 990 software licensed copy is sent over email and is permanently linked to a hardware where it will be used. Prior to the license delivery, user is required to collect and send to Elecard hardware ID information using utility provided after purchase. The license is sent within 2 business days after the purchase.

How much support do I get?
The price for CodecWorks 990 includes Basic Support and all software updates during the first year. Starting from the second year, Basic Support and software updates are calculated as 20% of the actual product price per year. At the time of purchase, all missed paid years should be compensated by paying 20% of the actual product price for each missed paid year. Need more intensive support? See all Elecard Technical Support options.

More questions?
We are glad to hear from you. Send us a message to sales@elecard.com or visit Elecard website and we will answer your concerns in two business days.
Input Support
  • Interface: Ethernet IP
  • Video: AVC/H.264, MPEG-2, progressive/interlace scan, all up to 4K
  • Audio: AAC/HE-AAC v1, MPEG-1 Layer I/II, Any (pass-through)
  • Streaming: MPEG-2 TS UDP/RTP

  • Interface: Ethernet IP
  • Video: HEVC/H.265, AVC/H.264, progressive scan, all up to 4K
  • Audio: AAC/HE-AAC v1, MPEG-1 Layer I/II, Any (pass-through)
  • Streaming: HLS/HTTP Live Streaming, MPEG-DASH, MPEG-2 TS UDP/RTP
  • Management and control via GUI application
  • CPU/GPU usage monitoring and failover

Video Pre-Processing
  • De-Interlace
  • Video Resize
  • Aspect Ratio Change

Supported Infrastructure
Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 64-bit operating system running on Intel® 5th gen. "Broadwell" or 6th gen. "Skylake" CPU supporting Intel Quick Sync Video technology. HEVC video encoding is supported only on Intel® 6th gen. "Skylake" CPU. AVC video decoding and encoding is supported on Intel® 6th gen. "Skylake" and Intel® 5th gen. "Broadwell" CPU models.
Contact Elecard team
Feeling curious about CodecWorks 990? We are glad to answer your concerns! Please send us your questions at sales@elecard.com or visit Elecard website and Elecard representative will contact you in 2 business days.
Download CodecWorks 990 Demo
Please note that demo version has following restrictions:

- 30 days of usage;
- Elecard logo on the output video picture;
- 20 input transcoding channels.

CodecWorks 990 Documentation:

User Guide
CodecWorks 990 Leaflet
Performance and Total Cost per CPU
Elecard Complete Digital TV Solution

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Elecard engineers at tsup@elecard.com.
Recommended Hardware
CodecWorks 990 reliably works on a wide choice of hardware equipment. For convenience, four particular models have been tested and proven to show high performance, exceptional reliability and easy management at projects with different scale and requirements.
HPE Moonshot System
Kontron SYMKLOUD Media Platform
Supermicro SuperServer
Intel NUC Mini PC
Intel NUC Mini PC 5i7RYH
Compact 5x5x2 inches AVC transcoding platform.
Tiny, but powerful NUC provides all IP-to-IP AVC transcoding possibilities needed for small-scale projects such as installed-on-a-vehicle or hand-held transcoders. The optimal choice when size and price are key factors! Equipped with Intel Core i7-5557U CPU.
For detailed technical description of Intel NUC 5i7RYH Mini PC and sales contacts, visit Intel website.
HPE Moonshot System
Ultra high-density AVC transcoding platform which brings breakthrough economics to large scale projects.
System provides groundbreaking number of streams per rack, low power consumption, reduced space requirements and easy centralized control. It perfectly meets the requirements of large scale OTT and other IPTV projects with hundreds of AVC multiscreen streams engaged. Moonshot supports up to 45 m710p server cartridges with total chassis size of 4.3U.
For detailed technical description of HPE Moonshot System and sales contacts please visit HPE website.
Find out more about Elecard and HPE transcoding solution from the technical white paper.
Supermicro SuperServer 5019S-M2
Cost-effective multi-purpose AVC/HEVC transcoding platform with high performance and 1U size server architecture.
An optimal choice for Hospitality and Point-To-Point Video Delivery solutions as well as small OTT/IPTV projects due to significant economy on space and and the efficiency of AVC/HEVC transcoding. Equipped with Intel Xeon E3-1275 v5 CPU.
For detailed technical description of Supermicro SuperServer 5019S-M2 and sales contacts please visit Supermicro website.
Kontron SYMKLOUD Media Platform
High-density, extra redundant platform – a perfect fit for large scale AVC/HEVC transcoding projects.
Symkloud's advantages include AVC/HEVC high performance transcoding, reduced chassis size and high redundancy of all hardware components – CPU nodes, power supplies, network cards and even fans. It supports up to 18 Intel Xeon E3-1578L v5 CPUs and with total chassis size of 2U.
For detailed technical description of Symkloud Media Platform and sales contacts please visit Kontron website.
Input Stream
Output Stream
Simultaneous number of Input Streams
Intel NUC
Mini PC
Input 1080 1080 AVC 10 8 8 10
Input 1080 1080 HEVC N/A 4 N/A 6
Input 1080 1080 AVC Multi-3 4 3 3 4
Input 720 720 AVC 16 12 12 16
Input 720 720 HEVC N/A 8 N/A 10
Input 720 720 AVC Multi-3 6 4 4 6
Input 576 576 AVC 28 22 22 28
Input 576 576 HEVC N/A 12 N/A 16
Input 576 576 AVC Multi-3 11 8 8 11
Input 4K 4K HEVC N/A 1 N/A 1
User Guide - A complete tutorial which guides through CodecWorks 990 description, requirements, setup and maintenance.
Solution Diagram - See CodecWorks 990 integrated with other Elecard products for building any type of a turnkey digital TV solution.

Looking for more information? Ask Elecard engineers at tsup@elecard.com.
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